Make me cry always n feels Gud too…☺️😛😉😊😀


she crossed her arms growling “what nice”
he winks just before opening the washroom door “us”
oops jhali Geet was left totally shocked.. what the hell did he just say? What us? What is happening to her?
She tried her best to push aside that side effects that followed.
Christy helped her to change that pari gown.
Geet wore a pretty lemon yellow salwar kameez that Radha aunty had got for her. All her Indian dresses were brought by Radha aunty since Mr Handa had no clue on girls dresses.
Geet & Christy both reached to the dinning area. They helped themselves with the yummy Indian dishes & sat in the corner with their usual girly talk. They loved to talk about new fashions, new shades for the season.. very very typical teenage girls.
Geet heard one of the little girl from her group squeal again calling…

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